About us

Our story

Bloom is a trans-led community healing project that is born from generations of community organizing and advocacy.

In February 2016, a group of transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming like-spirited community members came together to envision and form a wellness collective. The idea to build the collective was sparked by a wellness program curated by ​Tố Như (Lotus) Đào which provided free holistic health services to community members, by community members. 

Today, Bloom continues to centralize the needs, wisdom, and healing of transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming people, especially black, indigenous, and other people of color.

Bloom is made up of healers, social workers, therapists and community organizers working to provide access to holistic wellness services to support their community heal from complex trauma and move from surviving day to day life, to thriving in it.

Meet Our Team

Tố Như Đào (Lotus)

Active Chair

Lotus' life work is deeply informed by his family's experience fleeing from the American intervention in Việt Nam and as a queer youth of color institutionalized in various clinical and medical systems.

He believes in the revolutionary power of tapping into ancestral wisdom and inter-generational healing, and the infinite transformative possibilities of community and self actualization. 

Lotus works as a clinical social worker and health disparities researcher.

Jun Chan


Jun is a User Experience and Visual designer who wants to use the power of human-centered design to improve healthcare experiences.

Jun wants to remove the barriers that transgender people often face when accessing health and wellness services so that the trans community can be treated with dignity and respect.

He is excited about the opportunity to help create wonderful healthcare experiences for the transgender community with Bloom.

Jun is also a member of Kaiser Permanente's first Transgender Patient Advisory Council, which will begin work later this year. He looks forward to working with care providers and other transgender patients to co-design better healthcare services.

Zami Tinashe Hyemingway


Zami is a Transmasculine healer, poet and teacher. He has a Masters in Social Work, and has worked in the field for over six years with several communities including youth, the LGBTQ community, people living with HIV/AIDS, people who inject drugs (PWID), people living with Hepatitis C, survivors of violence and re-entry populations. Zami has worked as a program coordinator, a health educator, a case manager as well as a therapeutic group facilitator. 

Zami is dedicated to gender justice work that reflects the fluidity of gender and encouraging people to create spaces that honor all forms of gender expression.  He believes in using love as an ethic for liberation and in practicing radical self care and honesty.

Ramon(a) Rio


Ramon(a) Rio is a Xicanx gender non-binary / genderqueer radical social worker.

Born and raised in Hayward as a Bay Area native, Ramon(a) firmly believes in the feminist principle that “the personal is political”, and, as such, identifies themselves as a survivor of childhood trauma, addiction, police brutality, and the mental health industrial complex.

They received their B.A. in psychology from San Francisco State University and their Master’s in Social Work from UC Berkeley. They have a life long background in student activism and community organizing in migrant rights and anti-displacement. Ramon(a) also co-facilitates a weekly support group for gender non-binary folks.

Tobie Klibansky


Tobie Klibansky is a queer trans man honored to support his community through Bloom.  He has worked as a service provider and an administrator in a variety of mental health and social service settings, and created training curriculum and led trainings for youth mental health and crisis programs in the Bay Area. 

After navigating multiple systems of care and battling bureaucracy, Tobie is passionate about meeting the needs of trans folks in a system designed to make that difficult.

As the Operations Manager at the Center for Research & Education on Gender and Sexuality at San Francisco State University, he serves on the Advisory Board of the SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau.