Transgender Community Healing Project

Bloom works to create low-cost and free access to healers and service providers to holistically heal our community from everyday violence and trauma.
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We envision and work towards a world where trans, gender nonconforming, and non-binary people thrive in all realms of their lives - emotionally, socially, economically, professionally, and spiritually.

Core Values

Community Based

We believe in our communities' wisdom and abilities to heal, educate, and empower ourselves. We centralize the lives and experiences of our communities.

Social & Economic Justice

Our communities face a significantly disproportionate amount of discrimination and violence based on our gender identities and presentation. We aim to remove barriers to accessing health care and improve the trans competency quality of health services. We offer community-led training and consultation services to inform and transform systems of care and standards of practice.

Community Investment

We are committed to financially investing in the economic empowerment and professional development of our communities, especially trans women of color. We offer free community education and mentorship.


We are often confronted by "gate-keepers" to basic health services and human rights. We are committed to maintaining transparency as a community-based, community-led organization. We invite community members to share their wisdom to build our strength.